The Blue Marble Initiative challenges us to remember, to take

    responsibility and to find ways to make change happen.                                                         Empowering​ the idealism of youth, this initiative encourages                                                innovative, compassionate pathways to sustainability, equality,                                            justice, peace and survival for all creatures who share this                                                  planet, this Blue Marble.  New idealistic approaches are required.                                   Join us, all are welcome, all are necessary.  This we know.

                                                                          Karen Ewing,

                                                                      B. Sc., B. Ed., MD, CCFP

  Objectives of the Blue Marble Intitiative . . .

  The Blue Marble Initiative is a compilation of curriculum based,  

      innovative  Environment and Peace activities, video slideshows, video loops and links

​      from which educators can draw or to which they can add their experience and wisdom.

        "This We Know", the poetry of Chief Seattle, has become the 

 mantra for the  Blue Marble Initiative.  Presented here by

   the ​West Ottawa HS Select Women's Ensemble,  this

        video slideshow challenges us to remember who we are.


For endangered species, we are their greatest enemy and their only hope.  The

wonderful creatures will not argue their case.  They will not put up a fight.  They will not beg for reprieve.  They will not say goodbye.   They will not cry out.  They will just vanish.  And after they are gone, there will be silence.  And there will be stillness.  And there will be empty space.  Nothing you can do will change this.  Nothing you can do will bring them back . . . with so many lives hanging in the balance, the paths we choose today will decide the fate of the world.  So it is up to you and me to decide who lives and who dies.  Their future is in our hands.  'Priceless', the vanishing beauty of a fragile planet.


                                                                                            ~ Bradley Trevor Greive ​​

​​​​​​​​​​To Recognize . . .  ​​                                                                                 

                                                                                  To Learn How  . . .

  *  the earth in the universe                                    

   *   the uniqueness of the 'blue marble' earth                              *  to find hope

   *  the interconnectedness of all things                                          *  to think circularly

   *  the fragility of life                                                                                 *  to do peace work

   *   the responsibility to protect                                                            *  to make change happen

   *  the necessity for peace